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The Devil is in the Details! | Discourse! February 2022

This month’s Discourse! features Candace Mixon, joined by Craig Martin and Suzanne Owen. Their articles all coalesced into thinking through the importance of technicalities and words in the study of religion—when we are used to seeing the big picture, why does it matter to pay attention to things that seem small? Whether legalism comes through within a church community, local or federal judicial and legislative bodies, or nationalistic rhetoric, the stories we review all deal with the small details that make a big difference, and of course considers power and who gets to decide which details count, and why.

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⸻ Discussion Topics ⸻
00:00 — Introduction
01:47 — Arizona Priest Uses Wrong Word in Baptisms
11:29 — Religious Freedom and the Right to Discriminate
25:28 — Ban on Hijabs in Indian Schools
38:43 — Wrapping Up
39:49 — Credits

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