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Duet Display

If you want to work on a larger screen or two screens, there is an application you can use on your laptop and tablet. It is called Duet Display and costs $10 but is worth it in my opinion.  This application works for both Mac and Windows.

First, click on the link here https://www.duetdisplay.com/air; it will take you to the latest version of duet display, which allows you to connect your device via WiFi. It will take you to a page that looks like this:

Second, for macOS and Windows, click on the designated icons in the top right corner for your computer, and it will begin to download. Don’t forget while you’re doing this; you will need to download duet display for whatever tablet (Apple or Android) you will be using as your second screen. Just go to whichever app store your tablet uses.

Once downloaded follow the installation process for your computer and the icon will look something like this:

Once you have created an account, log into it on your computer app and tablet app; on the computer, the duet app should open and have a page that looks like this:

As indicated in the image above, you can connect your tablet via wire or air (meaning WiFi). To connect your tablet, select which brand your tablet is (Android or iOS, i.e., Apple)

a. For wire connection select wired and connect a charging cord from your tablet to your computer. Open up the duet display on your tablet and it will connect via the cord. Once there you can change the resolution and size of the new second screen.

b. For air (WiFi) connections the setup is similar. On your computer select the model of your tablet (for me it is Android) and then click on the air icon.  

c. Once you open up duet display on your tablet the computer should pick it up on your device via the WiFi and should look something like this:

d. Click on the connect wirelessly link and this should now allow your tablet to be your second screen. With the end result being a page like this to appear on the desktop to allow you to change the resolution:

An added step to help with your new double screen is making sure the tablet is on the side of your computer you want it to be on. Full discretion I have only done this on Mac, and so this part is for a Mac computer.

a. Go to System Preferences and click on the displays icon. 

b. Once you are connected via cable or WiFi click on arrangement. The screen with the white bar above is your laptop (the desktop) screen and the second screen with no white bar is the new second screen (your tablet).

c. It is easy to move by simply clicking on the second screen and dragging it to the side of the computer you wish it to be on. A red outline will form around the second screen.

Once you have the set up the way you like it, you can now drag web browsers, images, word documents onto whichever side you have now designated your second screen. If you want to have your tablet connected to your computer as I do in the photo at the top of the page, you can go to Amazon and get one for yourself.